Friday, September 01, 2006

Good Corporate Citizen

Infosys buys staff insurance policy worth Rs 10,000 cr- The Economic Times

Although I am not a big fan of Infosys as a corporation, I really admire some of its HR policies. It has not figured out the best model for managing people, but, it has one of the best models currently floating around.
On a completele different note...
My experience with working with Infosys was limited to the STG group in the bangalore office. I was working as a Sales manager for Pramati Technologies and had to interface with some technology decicion-making groups within large IT vendors in bangalore. It was a pity to see the quality of work these guys did at STG. The way it worked was that STG had to approve IT tools before any of the project teams within Infy could start using them. These guys were not at the leading edge of technology and this was a nightmare. For instance, while a lot of firms had started devloping applications using Container Managed Persistence Beans in server-side java development, this group was still wallowing in the mud that was java servlets. The convenient justification the group had was that if the projects teams could develop an application using the inferior technology, then why shoudl they adopt something so radically different. The actual thing was that they had no clue how to devlop expeertise in the leading edge stuff. I always wonder, if they are still the same.

Their attitude towards smaller more innovative software vendors(primarily product based firms such as Pramati) was absolutely abhorring. I cannot imagine that a firm that touts itself around as the icon of "Indian" capitalism can be so indifferent to innovative start-ups trying to make a mark.


rd said...

Dude, so do you like Infosys? Or dont you? You confuse me...

sescaugust said...


I started out commenting I liked their "HR"policies and then I say on a completely different describe my experience with how they deal with other firms..

I like the way they treat their employees.. that's about it...not what their product market strategies are ..