Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's Open Source eating into?

Open Sources | InfoWorld | Who are the losers, now that open source is winning? | August 24, 2006 07:55 AM | By Matt Asay

This is a very nice article specifying where the wins for Open Source are coming in from. Unlike the imagination of hard right enthusiasts open source who would like to imagine that the Open Source is taking a bite out of traditional vendor's plates, the reality is that the open source momentum is creating whole new markets, particularly in the SME domain.

The author makes a good point that there should be peaceful co-existence with the proprietary world. This is obviously the liberal view in open source, more practical and predicting the future of a new IT landscape.

Moreover, while there are softwares like MySql and Sugar CRM which have taken off there are umpteen number fo products which are yet to make it to get to the mainstream commercial world, or as the author puts it yet to be monetized. The appropriation of rents from the more mainstream products has begun, however more innovative initiatives are needed to launch these thousands of other projects.

In my opinion, the open source movement is the precursor to all "open" intiatives revolutinizing media and information industries now., wikipedia among other things, although nascent, point towards a world where IP is shared rather than owned.

Academia is a great example of shared IP by the community. I cannot predict how much new value will eventually be created in monetary terms, however, what I do know is that openness is here to stay. It is a fundamental property of the digital revolution and there is no looking back.

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